Wearable Technology meets eMedicine

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Life Chaning

Consider this, If you had the chance to save even One Life, is that worth taking a look?


It's about Piece of Mind

Just above we mentioned Saving a Life.
Watch this movie to see just HOW that can Happen.

How do we Market?

We feel there is only One Way to get a product of this magnitude to the General Public, and do it WorldWide.

FOX News Report

already featured on FOX THREE TIMES.

And This is just the Beginning!

No Membersip or Sign-up Fees & No Autoship.

Watch this 7 Minute video to see our program.

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Mobile First

eWorld Tools to make your job Much Easier.
PushButton Marketing
Immediately Duplicable

What if you could show someone this morning, they show someone at Lunch, then they show someone in the afternoon and that person shows someone at Dinner...AND you made money on it ALL?

Cutting Edge Tools
High resolution screens friendly

With a Ph.D. in Marketing/Sales and the owner of 4 successful businesses in three industries, I know what it takes to succeed. I'll be bringing the resources of my Smarter.Marketing division to this project to help you succeed. We'll also use my TalkingPage system.

The Right System
Helo is More

HELO is more than a cool wearable.
It's like you have an entire staff with you 24/7 helping you monitor the health of you and your loved ones. It's about Piece of Mind

The Right Company
Tried this Industry Before?

How many times have you or someone you know been involved in the "Next Big Thing" that really didn't pan out? The problem has always been you have to Talk Someone into something they really don't want. What if there was an Evaluation System where you could check out a company first. There Is

The One and Only.

Walk down the isle of many Big Box stores you are are starting to see whole sections of Wearables. Why, because they are HOT right now.

And the biggest area with the most promising growthin...eMedicine.  We have that market cornered with numerous exclusive features with more on the way.

Note the very last line just above the pricing.  We are the ONLY company that let's you share in the wealth, the ONLY company that works with you to go to market, the ONLY company where you can make money by simply sharing a Way Cool product with everyone you know, and the ONLY company that protects you by not allowing the Big Box retailers to take your market. 

A Little More on HELO.

And if all that isn't enough, there is more.
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Heard of ElectroSmog? 

There is another side of your business that affects ALL OF US, and many are starting to call it the Silent Killer. ElectroSmog is all around us and you cannot escape it.
Till now there was NO DEFENSE.
That all changes.

Dr. Rick Mayer

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Our Team organization site with all the updates, what is working, tips and tricks, etc.
Currently under development.


Another Free system you might enjoy if you want to join the Solar Movement.
Finally a company that has the right system in place.


Mobirise gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like given the fact that it is a desktop app.


You have heard of Cash Back Cards, this is a Cash Back App and it's just COOL.
Now in Pre-Launch and Free.